Fuoritraccia, chi siamo: turismo attivo fra Langhe Roero e Monferrato

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What does fuoritraccia mean?
fuoritraccia “ means:
- discovering the area through an “active visit”.
- visiting a region understanding its culture, its gastronomic heritage, and its traditions through sport.
- combining the results of a “land culture”, such as a castle, a church, or a winery with a trek, a bike or a horse ride: we think that, this way, it is possible to realize an “active visit”.

Don’t walk only in one direction: take the new routes without forgetting your passions.
These few lines sum up the guidelines of “fuoritraccia”, which is an association and a tourist attraction that recognizes “active tourism” as a valid means to propose different aspects of the area, such as nature, culture, and gastronomy.


Fuoritraccia (off the track) is as association with the aim to promote the local area, it works with its own facility, the hostel “RIFUGIO LA PAVONCELLA”, which is located in Alta Langa and cooperates with private facilities and associations sharing the same idea of “active tourism”.

Rifugio Ristorante La Pavoncella

Loc. S. Giovanni Belbo, 1- 12072 Camerana CN
tel/Fax 0174 906414

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