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Alta Langa: coming from Alba, which is a renowned town because of its prestigious truffle and its important wines, follow the road to the near Liguria, to the sea. When you notice that the landscape has changed, vineyards have been replaced by chestnut woods and hazel groves and the valleys are deeper, you can be sure to be in Alta Langa.

The hostel “LA Pavoncella” is located in Alta Valle Belbo, in the municipality of Camerana, on the border to the neighbouring Liguria. The area is characterized by a hill country, and the hill altitude varies from 400 to 800m a.s.l., the highest peak, which is 896m. high, is the next village of Monbarcaro.

Our route proposals cover an area comprising a part of Southern Piedmont, on the border to the neighbouring Liguria, the Langa Monregalese (Langa of Mondovì) and its surroundings, the steep and fascinating lands of Alta Langa, the Langa of the surroundings of Alba and the Roero region, which are famous for their noble wines, truffles and other land produce.

Langa Monregalese Langa of Mondovì: its gentle slopes covered with thick chestnut and beech woods are ideal for treks in summer and autumn; the Bossea Caves are at the second biggest caves in Europe for surface that can be visited, while in the LIPU wildlife sanctuary of Crava Morozzo you can admire many species of resident and migratory birds. These destinations perfectly integrate into the leading philosophy of our treks.
Vestiges of the local religiousness, such as the shrine of Vicoforte with its building complex and its elliptical cupola, which is the biggest one in the world, and the innumerable votive chapels and parish churches scattered in the valleys will meet the art lovers’ requests.

Alta Langa: tracks on hill ridges with gorgeous views over meadows alternate with impressive valleys crossed by innumerable brooks. In this area, the villages of Murazzano, Paroldo, S. Benedetto Belbo and Bergolo are worth visiting. Murazzano is famous in the gastronomic field because of the Murazzano D.O.P. cheese, which is obtained by processing sheep milk; in Paroldo you can find routes leading you at the discover of the typical houses, which are completely made of stones and realized with particular building techniques; S. Benedetto Belbo is the birthplace of the Italian writer Beppe Fenoglio, who set there many of his best novels; Bergolo is a village made of stone houses at an altitude of 650m a.s.l. and surrounded by the silence of its thick chestnut woods.

Langa of Alba: it is the most famous part of the Langa, because of its fragrant tuber and its noble wines. Our routes cross hills of vineyards cultivated with care and skill, reaching the villages of Barolo, the land of wines, Dogliani, which was very dear to the Einaudi family, La Morra, from which you can enjoy a wide view over the whole surrounding hills, Grinzane Cavour with its castle, which was residence of the Count Camillo Benso and today houses the Regional Enoteca and a folk museum, and Barbaresco, with its renowned wine and its historic centre.

Furthermore, the favourable geographic location of our facility, which is not far from the neighbouring Liguria and the mountain range of the Maritime Alps, offer many possibility to complete the visit of the region with tourist routes in that area. It is possible to plan a stay varying your visits everyday (e.g. you can spend one day on the ridges of Alta Langa, one day at the sea in the neighbouring Liguria and in its hinterland, one day in the vineyards of the Langa near Alba, and one day hiking in the mountains), in order to experience completely different landscape and cultural features.



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