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Ingredients: 100/150g salted anchovies, remove the salt before weighing (Spanish anchovies are the best ones), 6 garlic cloves, 200g extra-virgin olive oil, 50g butter, vegetables: cardoons (rinse them in some water with lemon juice), chopped peppers, celeries, cabbages, fennels, boiled potatoes, boiled onions, etc.
homemade bread and croutons.

Mince finely the garlic and plunge it for an hour in milk (it becomes more digestible). Eliminate salt from the anchovies, bone and chop them. Then, discard the milk and put the garlic in an earthen pan (do not use aluminium pans) with the anchovies. Cover with oil and cook on a gentle flame, garlic should not become brown, and oil should not boil.
Keep stirring slowly with a wooden spoon until the sauce becomes uniformly creamy. Cook on a low flame for about 10 minutes, then add the butter, keep stirring on a low flame for other 10 minutes, then you can serve the sauce in the pan. Dip in vegetables, bread and croutons.

season: autumn-winter
suggested wine: Nebbiolo giovane


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