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Da nonna in Valle Belbo
At my Grandmother’s in the Belbo Valley

You can cover this route:
riding a horse
riding a bike
with cross-country skis
with snowshoes
Suggested period:
all the year round, you can enjoy different emotions in the different seasons.

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When I grow up I want to go there.

Summer at my grandmother’s in the Belbo valley: there were few houses, few people, but many woods all around. Thick woods, rich of vegetation and roads, which were impenetrable in the imagination of a young boy on holiday.

Many years have gone by, but that “young boy” still wants to go into those woods and walk along those roads. A trail with easy roads through those thick woods, alternating with stretches on the ridges with wide views over the valleys, has been realized for him.

This trail is characterized by the fact that most of it is on the ridges: exciting views on the valleys of the Belbo and Bormida rivers integrate with the silence of the woods to conquer you. The woods are very well-tended, because in this area gathering chestnuts, firewood and cultivating meadows are still nowadays important sources of income for the people who have decided to LIVE on these hills. Many different varieties of flowers, such as wild orchids and Spanish brooms, offer a wide range of scents and colours: here you can find enough silence and peace to enjoy moments of complete relax and contemplation.

Nowadays, there are no more young boys on holiday at their grandmothers’ in the Belbo valley, but the woods are still there: even thicker and more mysterious.