Rifugio La Pavoncella Albergo Camerana Cuneo Langhe e Roero

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- Il parco in inverno
- Vista mare
- Rifugio Garelli
- Giro dei Ciabot
- Le patate
- Miele a Montezemolo
- Una torre, un formaggio
- Da nonna in Valle Belbo
- I Posti della Malora



I posti della Malora
The settings of the novel "La Malora"

You can cover this route:
riding a horse
riding a bike
with cross-country skis
with snowshoes
Suggested period:
all the year round, you can enjoy different emotions in the different seasons.

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Belbo valley: this name recalls the books written by Fenoglio, his detailed description of places and people that seem to live only in the lively imagination of a great novelist, but if you take this trail you will notice that they gradually take shape.
In the first stretch of road you will find a thick vegetation sea with thousand of different hues: from the pale green of meadows to the dark green of chestnut woods. Meadows and woods were the workplace of young boys sent to work as servants, they spent there their youth for little money and a meagre dish of polenta, which they could not get at home.

Going along the Belbo torrent, which flows meandering, but calm in this stretch – as well as the whole surrounding landscape -, will make you feel you have gone back to the past, offering you the chance to understand the life rhythm in that period. At that time, rural activities such as ploughing,
seeding, and pruning, were essential stages, and people spent the cold days sitting near the wood-stove, waiting calmly for the fine weather, and the life rhythm changed according to nature and harvest.

Meadows alternating with woods: this is the landscape of the last part of the trail. Colours change according to the seasons, but the atmosphere is always the same, and it is rich of long silences that give you the chance to think about the hard work made over long years by the locals to get from this land a “life dignity”, which is a fundamental value for the people of the Langa.